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For Your Safety

1)Confirming Your Name

Hospital staff may frequently ask your name in various situations to avoid serious incidents due to the patient's name's misidentification. We appreciate your understanding and corporation.

2)Patient ID Wristband

The patient's ID wristband is provided, and all patients must wear it during their hospitalization. 

3)Explanation of Patient’s Condition

 The patient designates one person as an emergency contact, and we contact that person to explain things such as the patient's condition and hospital discharge if needed. We are not taking any phone calls asking about the patient's physical condition even if it is from his/her family member.

4)Use of Mobile phone, Computer, Tablet, and Other Electronic Devices

  • If you wish to bring your electronic devices with you due to unavoidable circumstances, please let the hospital know in advance.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi devices cause radio wave interference in the hospital. Please refrain from using these devices.
  • Manners must be kept when you use electronic devices in the hospital.
  • Please set your mobile phone to silent mode while you are in the hospital and refrain from using it after 10 p.m.
  • You may be asked to stop using electronic devices if we hear complaints from other patients.

5)Requests for Inpatients

  • Hospitalized patients may not park their cars in the outpatient parking lot while hospitalized. Please use public transportation or have a family member bring you to the hospital.
  • All of Kutchan Kosei Hospital's facilities and properties are tobacco and electronic cigarette free for our patients, visitors, and staff's comfort.
  • Please do not bring a large amount of money and valuables. Please note that we assume no responsibility or liability for any loss of your money or valuable items.
  • Please do not bring unnecessary electronic appliances.
  • Please refrain from lending and borrowing personal belongings between the patients to avoid any troubles.

Last updated: 26 March, 2021


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